About Me

My name is Beiyin Deng (邓蓓茵 in Chinese, ဗေဒါ in Burmese), Ph.D. Candidate in Religious Studies at Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, U.S. I am interested in contemporary Buddhist material culture, state-religion relationship, and religion in public diplomacy in Southeast Asian and Chinese traditions.




Ph.D. | Arizona State University | 2016–Present

Religious Studies

M.A. | New York University | 2011–2013

Religious Studies

B.A. | Fudan University | 2007-2011​



Distinguished Academic Experience

AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop | Boston, MA | 2020

Dissertation Project: “Trading Buddhas: Circulating Marble Buddhist Images Across the Sino-Burmese Border”


Academic Conference Presentations

SEAP Graduate Student Conference | Cornell University | 2020

Paper: “From ‘Burmese Marble’ to ‘Burmese White Jade’: The Cultural Repertoires Behind the Transnational Trade of Marble Buddhist Images from Myanmar to China


Teaching Experience

Course Instructor | Religion and Popular Culture | 2019 Summer​

Teaching Assistant | Religious Studies | 2016 Fall — Present

  • Buddhism;

  • Religion and the Modern World;

  • Ritual, Symbol, and Myth;

  • American Religious Traditions;

  • Religion and Globalization;

  • Religion, Culture, and Public Life;


Dissertation Committee 

Dr. Juliane Schober | Religious Studies | Chair

Dr. James Rush | History 

Dr. Huaiyu Chen | Religious Studies


Comprehensive Exam Fields

Burmese Buddhism | Dr. Juliane Schober | Religious Studies

Chinese Diaspora in Southeast Asia, Inter-Asian Transborder Trades | Dr. James Rush | History 

Chinese Buddhism | Dr. Huaiyu Chen | Religious Studies


Language Skills

Cantonese | Native Proficiency

Mandarin | Native Proficiency

English | Professional Work Proficiency

Burmese | Professional Work Proficiency


Professional Experience | Beijing, China | 07.2014-07.2016​

Editor (Southeast Asian Region)

Religions for Peace Myanmar | Yangon, Myanmar | 02.2014-03.2014

Project Assistant

Religions for Peace USA | New York, US | 05.2013-01.2014​

Project Coordinator